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The World's Coziest Headphones
Wireless tunes at high fidelity sound, all while staying warm
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It's Hard Being Popular. Sound Huggle has been featured in

Wireless Convenience Paired with Toasty Comfort


Sound Huggles wirelessly connect to your devices, providing ease and convenience. They are Android and iPhone compatible, and work with anything that uses Bluetooth technology.


Easily enjoy your music and skip the hassle of untangling cords. The built-in mic also allows you to make calls for quality talking and listening.


You no longer have to decide on style or convenience. Sound Huggles are equal parts comfortable, warm, and functional — perfect to accommodate your active lifestyle.

Meet Your Sound Huggle Squad

Ruby Red

You are warm, inviting, and generous, and are always willing to lend a suggestion on a favorite song or podcast.

Dorian Grey

Suave and debonair, you’re effortless while subtly commanding the room with a simple look or gesture.

Classic Charcoal

Sharp, polished, and confident. You can pull off any wardrobe or style and people look your way for the newest trends.

8 Styles to Choose From


Warmth & Comfort

Sound Huggles are blizzard tested to keep your ears warm and comfortable — as opposed to the harsh pressure of earbuds.


Untangling cords is annoying, time-consuming, and completely unnecessary. Sound Huggles will make you never have to think about those pesky wires again.


Sound Huggles are DJ-approved to bless your ears with crisp vocals, warm mids, and clean bass.

Controls Music

Conveniently enjoy your tunes, change tracks, and control the volume with the single push of a button.

Takes Calls

Enjoy up to nine hours of talk time wirelessly on a single charge.


Our patented design allows you to quickly adjust or collapse Sound Huggles to easily fit in your pocket or bag.


The sound quality was way better than I expected. They fit comfortably around my head and are easy to unfold. The fact that they're wireless is really nice.”

Austyn N.

They’re super warm, and the sound quality is really good. I like that they’re collapsible and easy to put in your bag. They're wireless which is great too because I always get them tangled!”

Erin R.

I love how comfy Sound Huggles are! The way they fold is really neat and compact. Can’t wait to see what other colors these come in.“

Carlos V.


I’m confused. Are they earmuffs or headphones? There’s no possible way they can be both, or, can they???

Anything is possible. Or, to simply answer your query: Sound Huggles are both! They have the look and feel of warm earmuffs, plus the sharp functionality of wireless Bluetooth 4.1 headphones — with talk capability as well. Pretty sneaky, huh?

Impressive! But wait, why the name “Huggle?”

Much like the brilliant combination of headphones and earmuffs, a Huggle is a combination of the words “hug” and “snuggle.” Again, pretty sneaky, huh?

That is sneaky. All right I get it, so they Huggle my ears —pretty rad. But can a product this innovative have great sound?

Trust us when we say that you will appreciate the high-fidelity sound featuring crisp vocals, warm mids, and clean bass. Sound Huggles are DJ-approved, and since DJ’s are essentially the masters of sound, they are the deciding experts on these crucial matters.

Okay okay, so they are comfortable and sound great. But a product this impressive can’t have a strong battery life, can they?

Of course they can! A pair of Sound Huggles will last for seven hours of music or nine hours of talk time on one single charge—perfect for those people who like to listen to seven straight hours of music or talk for nine straight hours.

Wow, that’s a long time. Okay, well, answer me this: Sound Huggles look cozy and swanky, but are they durable?

We knew this question would come up so we put our Sound Huggles up to the durability test and ran a freakin’ car over them. And guess what? They held up! We also bopped, twisted, and pulled our Sound Huggles every which way imaginable to ensure that they wouldn’t break or snap, and most importantly, to ensure that they would live up to our high-quality standards. And despite our herculean standards, they did live up. So yes, they are durable!

That is crazy. Okay, last question: will Sound Huggles work in sub-zero temperatures? It can get pretty cold out and all.

Yes, Sound Huggles will function in sub-zero temperatures! They can be operated in temps from 23F to 120F (-5C to 48C). The operating temperature however, is dependent on the operating temperature of your device — meaning if your phone shuts off in the cold, then your Sound Huggles will get so sad that they will not pair properly.